How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

Whats the float time of a balloon.

Shortest Answer:

Latex Balloons: 8-12 hours (Hi-float 1-4 weeks)

Foil Balloons: 3-5 days.

Bubble Balloons: 2-4 weeks.

    Long Answer:
    It can be difficult to know how much helium a balloon can hold and for how long, but identifying the type of balloon can help determine this.
    It is important to note that there exist three distinct categories of helium balloons, namely latex, foil, and bubble. It is crucial to acknowledge that all three types have the potential to be helium grade, as long as they meet the necessary size requirements.
    The only reason a balloon isn’t helium grade is if the balloon is too small in volume.
    Latex balloons and teardrop-shaped balloons (9-12 inches) can last 8-12 hours. Hi-Float can prolong latex balloon float time and is recommended.
    Customers can expect their Foil or Mylar balloons to float for 2-5 days, although it's not uncommon for them to last for several weeks. Enjoy any extra time beyond the expected 2-5 days as a bonus!
    Bubble balloons are expertly crafted to retain helium for a span of 2-4 weeks. Their transparent structure showcases a see-through effect, crystal clear.

    Other Variables to Consider:

    When helium balloons deflate quickly, a lot of people assume it’s because it is “low quality”. However, there are a lot of variables that come into play.
    One important factor to consider is the environment where the balloons will be stored or displayed.
    Under the heat of the sun, latex balloons could only last for about 4 to 5 hours while up to 24 hours for foil balloons. This is because helium escapes faster in warmer weather. Balloons may also pop if you leave them in a hot place for too long, such as inside the car on a hot summer day.
    Temperature also plays a big factor when it comes to containing helium molecules. All molecules expand when hot and shrink when cold. This becomes a problem during the winter because the sudden change from a heated vehicle to room temperature will pop almost any balloon, no matter the quality.
    Balloons might shrink when exposed to extremely cold temperatures; however, once they return to room temperature, the helium inside will expand, and your balloons will regain their original appearance!
    While generally not an issue, the Size, Shape, Quality, and Accessories of balloons could greatly affect the float time of helium-filled balloons.
    Balloons shaped in numbers, letters, or characters must be at least 24 inches or larger to float. Confetti-filled latex balloons have a shorter float time than standard latex balloons because of the paperweight added.
    While it might be tempting to buy inexpensive balloons from online platforms like Amazon, we advise against it based on our experience.
    Many customers bring in their balloons to inflate and we've found that many balloons purchased from Amazon can be defective or may not meet the helium-grade standards advertised. For a reliable and high-quality experience, we recommend exploring other options.

    Getting the Most out of Your Helium:

    There are several tips to prolong the float time of helium-filled balloons which includes using high-quality products, inflating your balloons as close to your event time as possible, and storing the balloons at a constant temperature.
    As mentioned earlier, a sure way to extend latex balloons’ float time is to add a gel called Hi-Float by coating the inside of the balloon creating a membrane to prevent helium from escaping so quickly.
    With Hi-Float, your balloons should last twice as long as the standard time. Hi-Float can only be applied to latex balloons.

    The One-Up Solution:

    We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best customizable balloons and service. Whenever possible, we always recommend customers pick up their balloons on the day of their event to ensure top quality and maximum helium.
    However, sometimes customers are hosting events hours away from the city. No worries, we always use Hi-Float regardless to help extend float times by more than 50%.
    You're more than welcome to bring your own balloons, and we'll be happy to provide helium inflation for a fee based on the size of the balloons. Alternatively, you can also choose from our wide selection of balloons available for purchase.
    We're here to help make your celebration as vibrant and delightful as possible!